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AIFA announces grant recipients for 2023

The Chair of the Allergy and Immunology Foundation of Australasia, Dr Melanie Wong, announced the recipients of the AIFA grants for 2023 at the ASCIA Conference in September.

AProf Rachel Peters
AIFA Professor Ann Kupa Food Allergy Research Grant to Chief Investigator A/Prof Rachel Peters at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) in Melbourne for the project “Preventing childhood food allergy: wave 2 of the EarlyNuts study”. Read more… 
Dr Vicki McWilliam
AIFA DBV Technologies Food Allergy Research Grant to Dr Vicki McWilliam (MCRI) for the project “Milk Up Trial: A randomised controlled trial investigating the safety and efficacy of early and graded introduction of milk via a “milk ladder”. Read more... 
Dr Kuang Chih Hsiao
AIFA CSL Primary Immunodeficiency Clinical Research Grant to Dr Kuang-Chih Hsiao for the project “Improving the survival and clinical outcomes of patients with IFNAR1 deficiency in Oceania”. This is the first AIFA grant awarded to a chief investigator in New Zealand and Dr Hsiao works at The Starship Children's Hospital and The University of Auckland. Read more…

In line with our aim of encouraging new research projects which do not yet have major funding, AIFA has awarded Early Career Researcher Grants to:

Ms Daniela Ciciulla
Ms Daniela Ciciulla (MCRI) for “Risks of eating disorder development in a national food allergy cohort: The RiskED study”. Read more...
Dr Logan Gardner
Dr Logan Gardner (The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne) for “Evaluating the role of MRGPRX2 activation in Idiopathic Anaphylaxis”. Read more...  
Dr Adrian Lee
Dr Adrian Lee (The Westmead Research Institute and The University of Sydney) for “Improving the diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of people with autoantibody-associated systematic autoimmune diseases.” Read more...  
Dr Shruti Swamy
Dr Shruti Swamy (The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney) for “A novel genetic cause of inborn error of immunity – validation and therapeutics”. Read more...  

Congratulations to all the successful Chief Investigators and their teams.

Thank you to our donors and sponsors for making it possible for AIFA to fund a total of $90,000 in research grants for 2023. Thank you also to our expert grant selection panel of clinical immunology/allergy specialists who volunteered their time to review the applications.

The next AIFA research grant round will open in early 2024 and we are working towards awarding a cumulative total of more than $1 million in research grants by 2026.

We are calling for your support for future AIFA grants for allergy and immunology research. All funds donated go directly toward research. Donate or sponsor a named grant at 

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Content created October 2023