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Research Projects on Shortlist for AIFA Grants

This year AIFA grants have drawn interest and collaborations from researchers all over Australia. Expressions of Interest submitted covered topics as varied as immunotherapy for urticaria, insect allergy, drug allergy and how primary immunodeficiencies affect the immune system.

Our Grant Selection Panel has been working hard assessing the projects. They consider how the research will be done and the likelihood of achieving real clinical outcomes for patients. The panel strongly believe in encouraging collaborations across states and institutions. We are now down to a shortlist of 6 projects for the two grants available this year.

AIFA is honoured to have a Grant Selection Panel which is made up of 7 clinical immunology and allergy specialists from all over Australia at the top of their profession. They are volunteering their time and working hard for us because they believe in encouraging future research into immune disease. They believe in nurturing Australia and New Zealand's bright early career researchers who are trying to answer so many of our questions regarding allergy.

AIFA is investing in the future of research beyond the good work already being done. We may be starting small but we believe in big ideas.

All 6 projects on the shortlist could make a difference to the diagnosis, management and treatment of allergy and other immune disease. Help us to fund more projects by donating at

Grants will be announced in October.

Content updated 23 August 2016