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New ideas for new treatments, better diagnosis and better outcomes for people with allergy and other immune disease. Ambitious? Yes.

Projects are awarded AIFA grants after a rigorous selection process, reviewed by a panel of leading experts in allergy and immunology research.

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Prior to AIFA launch research was supported through ASCIA.


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AIFA Research Grants 2019

Food Allergy and MAIT cells
AIFA Research Grant 2019

Dr Sidonia Eckle’s research aims to determine if mucosal-associated invariant T cells mediate food allergies.

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Vitamin D and Food Allergy
AIFA Research Grant 2019

Dr Rachel Peters is researching if resolution of vitamin D deficiency predicts resolution of food allergy in infants.

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Severe Drug Allergy Register
AIFA Research Grant 2019

Dr Jason Trubiano’s team aims to study high risk drug allergies by building a special registry called AUS-SCAR.

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Improved Diagnosis of PID
AIFA Research Grant 2019

Dr Tri Phan’s research will utilise machine-based learning to improve the diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency.

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Next generation sequencing in HAE
AIFA Research Grant 2019

Dr Samantha Chan’s research aims to improve the utility of next-generation sequencing in Hereditary Angioedema.

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AIFA Research Grants 2014-18

Allergic Asthma
AIFA Research Grant 2018

Dr Ullah, a respiratory immunologist, is investigating the consequences of allergen exposure in the lungs and the processes that predispose to allergic sensitisation.

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Munoz  Group on Childhood Autoinflammatory Disease
Autoinflammatory Disease
AIFA Research Grant 2017

Dr Marcia Munoz is undertaking research that could lead to a new treatment for MKD that could revolutionise the lives of children and adults with the disease.

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Jack Jumper Ant Allergy
AIFA Research Grant 2016

Dr Pravin Hissaria’s team is assessing whether treatment for allergic reactions to Jack Jumper Ant stings, a uniquely Australian problem, is effective.

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Drug Screening Tool
AIFA Research Grant 2016
Dr Ben Roediger is developing a tool for allergy screening that will improve drug development for highly targeted drugs for sufferers of allergic disease.

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Understanding FPIES
AIFA Research Grants 2015

Dr Sam Mehr’s research involves gaining a better understanding of what genes are switched on in Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) reaction.

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Development of the immune system
AIFA Research Grant 2015

Dr Peter Hsu is studying how the regulatory part of the immune system develops in healthy children, to research how this may be disturbed in children with allergies.

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Pollen Allergen Partnership
AIFA Research Grants 2014

A/Prof Janet Davies is establishing Australia's first national standardised pollen monitoring program for reliable forecasts of allergenic pollen counts.

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Predicting Shellfish Allergy
AIFA Research Grants 2014

Dr Sandip Kamath is researching the cross reactivity of house dust mite allergy and shellfish allergy in children to try to develop a predictive tool.

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ASCIA Research Grants 2004-2009

2009 ASCIA Research Grants

Supported by SCHERING PLOUGH: 

  • Dr Janet Davies and Prof John Upham, QLD: Allergy to subtropical grass pollens in Australia; IgE cross-reactivity between subtropical and temperate grass pollens
  • A/Prof Campbell Witt, Prof Patrick Holt and Prof Frank Christiansen, WA: Replication study of genetic predisposition of KIR2DL4 alleles to asthma
2008 ASCIA Research Grants

Supported by GSK:

  • Dr Tiffany Hughes, WA: Australian Pollen Immunotherapy study
  • Dr Euan Tovey and Dr Janet Rimmer, NSW: Purchase of a TSI 8220 Particle Counter to measure exposure to allergens during sleep
2007 ASCIA Research Grants
  • Dr Christine Bundell et al, WA: Evaluation of patient antibody responses to beta2microglobulin in relation to lupus anticoagulant and anti-cardiolipin results 
  • Dr Rob Stirling et al, VIC: The impact of cofactor and effector cell function in CVID
  • Prof Philip Thompson et al, WA: Effects of statins on the migration and apoptosis of dendritic cells

Supported by CSL:

  • A/Prof Rohan Ameratunga et al, NZ: Establishment of a national food allergy database
  • Prof Simon Brown et al, WA: A study of the use of Intravenous promethazine for anaphylaxis
  • A/Prof Pete Smith, QLD: Identification of patients with 18Q21.3 deletions and anaphylaxis
2006 ASCIA Research Grants
  • A/Prof Rohan Ameratunga et al, NZ: Identification of novel gene defects in Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID): a multi-centre study
  • Dr Matthew Cook et al, ACT: Antibody Deficiency Allele (ADA) Pilot Study
  • Dr Marianne Empson, Dr Penny Fitzharris and Dr Jan Sinclair, NZ: Fatal anaphylaxis in New Zealand: case finding for the decade 1995-2004 (seed funding)
  • Dr Sean Riminton and Philippa Kirkpatrick, NSW: ASCIA PID Register (3rd year of 3 year seed funding)
  • Dr Brynn Wainstein, A/Prof John Ziegler, NSW: Evaluation of the risk of anaphylaxis in currently and previously peanut allergic children advised to avoid peanut vs those advised to regularly consume peanut
2005 ASCIA Research Grants
  • Prof Simon Brown, WA: Establishing a diagnostic framework for anaphylaxis to native Australian ant venoms (continuation)
  • Prof Connie Katelaris and Dr Janet Rimmer, NSW: Application to ASCIA to fund the purchase, establishment and validation of a novel device (Rhinolux) to non-invasively measure nasal congestion
  • A/Prof Jo Douglass et al, VIC: A qualitative study of the needs of individuals with primary immunodeficiency disorders in transition from paediatric to adult care 
  • Dr Rob Loblay, NSW and Dr Mike Gold, SA: Establishment of an ASCIA Anaphylaxis Registry (seed funding)
  • Dr Sean Riminton and Philippa Kirkpatrick, NSW: ASCIA PID Register (2nd year of seed funding)
2004 ASCIA Research Grants
  • Prof Simon Brown, WA: Establishing a diagnostic framework for anaphylaxis to native Australian ant venoms 
  • Dr Sean Riminton, NSW: ASCIA PID Register (seed funding)

AIFA Latest News

  • Medical Research and the Report from the Parliamentary Inquiry into Allergies and Anaphylaxis
    Medical Research and the Report from the Parliamentary Inquiry into Allergies and Anaphylaxis
    18 June 2020: The Australian Government’s recognition of the importance of medical research into allergy is highlighted in the report from the Parliamentary Inquiry into Allergies and Anaphylaxis, Walking the Allergy Tightrope, tabled in Parliament on 15 June 2020. www.allergy.org.au/about-ascia/info-updates/inquiry-into-allergies-and-anaphylaxis-report-15-june-2020 Implementing the recommendation...
  • AIFA grant EOI deadline is now 28 August 2020
    AIFA grant EOI deadline is now 28 August 2020
    27 April 2020: In recognition that many potential AIFA grant applicants have less discretionary time in 2020 due to the demands from COVID-19, the AIFA grant EOI deadline (previously 15 April 2020) has been deferred. The revised dates for the AIFA 2020 grant process are as follows: EOIs due: 28 August 2020 (using the form at www.allergyimmunology.org.au/grants) Shortlist announced: 30 September 20...
  • Information about COVID-19
    Information about COVID-19
    13 March 2020: The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) has developed information and guidance regarding COVID-19. The information is available on the ASCIA website at www.allergy.org.au/about-ascia/info-updates/ascia-information-about-covid-19 www.allergy.org.au/patients/immunodeficiencies
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